real life success:


Eric F. Type 1 since 10/22/1993

"I've participated in the design of the Vdex treatment protocols.  In fact I use them myself in the management of my own diabetes.  I've seen the results.  I live with the results everyday. I do not micromanage my diabetes with carb counting. Before these treatment protocols my A1c was 7.5.  Now it's a lifetime best 6.2. Im a very competitive person and always tried to lower my a1c every time i visited my doctor. Now instead of dreading doctor visits, I'm excited to see the progress I've made. This works.  Every diabetic needs to learn about this."

Jerry T.

"Real Time Diabetes Control hasn't been possible until the advent of VDEX. They're changing the way diabetes is managed by offering custom solutions, based on patient needs. The people behind VDEX weren't content with the current level of diabetes care, seeing that massive room for improvement was possible. I believe that given the opportunity they have the capabilities to improve the quality of life for everyone who is lucky enough to be involved."

Paul M. Orthopedic Surgeon.

"More so than any other disease, Diabetes should be managed the way VDEX does it. It's a peculiar disease and as an orthopedic surgeon, I saw the ravages of it personally. It requires more oversight than most doctors have time for. When someone has diabetes aged 25 they don't think about what life will be like aged 65. The long-term complications don't get attention at the early stages of the disease but diabetic neuropathy is very troublesome because it's irreversible. It's a terrible terrible disease. VDEX is the answer."