Our Mission:


We at Vdex believe with the latest therapies and technological innovations, our patients can SAFELY maintain average HbA1c levels significantly below 6.5 and even 6.0.  A significant number of patients using Vdex protocols actually have HbA1c levels BELOW 6.0, all with NO INCREASE IN HYPOGLYCEMIA


About Vdex

People deserve a safer and more effective way to control their Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. That’s why we created Vdex Diabetes Treatment Centers. Through our state-of-the-art treatment options, including the revolutionary product Afrezza, we’re helping diabetes and prediabetes patients achieve real freedom in their lives. In some cases, people are able to totally reverse their Type 2 Diabetes  and control their Type 1 like never seen before through treatments at Vdex. We’ve assembled an impressive medical team and we’re rapidly opening new locations

Our Goal

Diabetes is a chronic condition with devastating long-term consequences. It requires hour-by-hour attention to avoid equally devastating short-term consequences. Patients need regular care and monitoring.

Vdex Diabetes Treatment Centers provide the most advanced care available to diabetes patients. Through the use of Afrezza and our “Real Time Diabetes Management” model, patients are able to take control of their blood glucose levels and in some cases, beat this deadly disease.


1 Billion People

global healthcare crisis

Diabetes affects more than 1 Billion people around the globe. It's a disease of massive proportions.

<6.0 HbA1c

now there is an answer

Many Vdex patients can safely manage HbA1c levels below 6.5 and even 6.0, with no increase in hypoglycemia.

Vdex Locations

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We’ve opened treatment centers in convenient locations throughout Southern California. Our plans are to open Diabetes Treatment Centers throughout the nation.