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Who/What We Are

Vdex Diabetes is a group of medical providers focused on better control of blood sugar in people with diabetes and prediabetes. It is the failure to adequately control blood sugar that leads to the complications of the disease, and those complications are painful, expensive and ultimately, life-threatening.

A Higher Standard

As we, the Vdex Founders, surveyed the landscape of diabetes care in 2015, one point became clear: there were lots of treatments and surprisingly poor results. We set out to do better. We could see the obvious need for a higher standard of care if one were to truly “control” the disease and its effects.

A Different Model

We also noticed flaws in the model through which care was delivered to patients. That model left patients uninformed, with inadequate control and unsatisfied. Doctors were overburdened dealing with a burgeoning patient population experiencing poor outcomes and increasing complications. Insurance companies were facing ever-increasing costs of care with decreased levels of patient satisfaction. It was a perfect storm of negativity. It had to change.

Fresh Thinking – Physicians AND Nonphysicians

Vdex brought fresh thinking to the problem. The Founders included both physicians and as important, nonphysicians. Each started from scratch. Instead of asking, “How do we improve the current system?” we asked, “What is the best system to produce the best results for patients?” We then built that.

Different Therapeutic Agents

We looked at the many therapies available to control blood sugar and asked, “Which work best?” Surprisingly, many of the therapies being used were little more than bandaids on the problem. They really didn’t get the job done long term, and worse, may have created a false sense of security in patients.

Early Results Encouraging

From early 2016 we began rigorous testing of our thinking both in terms of the therapies used and the process of delivering care. The early results were better than we had dared to hope. We saw patients getting better control of their blood sugar, with less effort, with greater satisfaction, greater compliance, and greater safety. This spurred us to go further.

The Vdex Standard – 6.2

The Vdex Standards for control of diabetes are higher than the industry standards. While the American Diabetes Association target for blood sugar control is an HbA1c of below 7, we at Vdex strive for a target of 6.2 and below. Why? At 6.2 and below, most patients will have minimal to no complications from the disease.

While the ADA encourages providers to “minimize” hypoglycemia, the most feared short-term complication of treatment, Vdex providers are guided to “eliminate” hypoglycemia.

The Dawn of a New Era of Treatment

At Vdex we believe we sit at the dawn of a new era in the control of diabetes. We believe, for many, if not most, patients, we can so control the disease that it can be reduced from being a killer to a mere nuisance. We believe diabetes care can go from being one of medicine’s great failures, to a resounding success.