who we are:

Operations Team


William McCullough

William is a long-time medical entrepreneur.  He is the Founder and CEO of Vdex Diabetes (May 2015), a new model for the treatment of the world’s largest disease, utilizing state-of-the-art, transformative therapies.

Before that, in 2002, Mr. McCullough Founded Samson Hair Restoration, an innovator and leader in the field of surgical hair transplantation, which is still operational today (see Samson Hair Restoration). He is an investor and member of the Board of Directors of two companies: Zev Technologies (zevtechnologies.com), a rapid-growing, highly innovative firearms manufacturer and Holly Street Wealth Advisors (hollystreetwealth.com), a wealth management firm.

William has a Juris Doctor and Masters of Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri from which he graduated in May 1987.  He received his undergraduate degree from Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa in June of 1983.  He presently lives in Southern California and is the father of three.

William has an iconoclastic bent and enjoys bringing that to businesses in hopes of creating greater value.  If there’s one field that needs to break from the past, it’s diabetes.


Stephen Brown

Mr. Brown is a successful, serial entrepreneur in the Los Angeles area and one of the original investors in Vdex Diabetes.  He has owned businesses involved in film/TV production, consulting and fitness. Steve saw the potential of Vdex very early and helped fund the start-up.

His interest turned to passion as he came to fully appreciate the scope of the disease of diabetes, and he moved into a permanent, operational role with the company as a result, becoming the Vice President of the company. Steve is meticulous and disciplined which ideally suits his operational role.  His unshakeable drive and focus are what turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality.  He lived through the ups and downs during the gestation of Vdex and was instrumental in the refinement of the business model.  Daily, Steve interfaces with patients, and has very substantial experience with patients’ actual use of Vdex’ main therapy, Afrezza.


Charles W. Long, MD

Dr. Long is a physician executive with extensive medical management and evidence-based practice experience within a multi-state hospital system.  As a practicing anesthesiologist since 1988, Dr. Long has vast experience with diabetes patients in the pre, and peri-operative period, managing out-of-control Type 1 & 2 patients using insulin and other medications.

A 1980, Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Georgia with a degree in philosophy, Dr. Long went on to medical school at Medical College of Georgia graduating with his MD in 1984.  From there he completed an internship and residency in anesthesiology at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Dr. Long has served as the Chief Medical Officer of Vdex since its founding and was the lead developer of the Vdex treatment protocols utilizing Afrezza.  He has a deep, personal interest in diabetes as his father died from the disease, and his Type 1 diabetic son is now well-controlled on Afrezza.

Dr. Long has traveled extensively and lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for 2 years in the 1970s where he worked as a medical photographer at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital.  He has a great respect and love for the people of the Arabian Peninsula.


Robert Huizenga, MD

Dr. Huizenga, M.D., practices Internal Medicine, with a focus on Fitness and Sports Medicine.  In addition to his medical practice, Dr. H is a media personality having served as a medical expert and advisor on numerous television shows, most recently, The Biggest Loser. He was also the team physician for the Los Angeles Raiders for their eight-year stay in Los Angeles. He has made multiple appearances on reality television shows, and is the author of several books including one that was partial inspiration for Oliver Stone’s film Any Given Sunday.

Dr. Huizenga, an outstanding athlete himself, grew up in Rochester, New York and attended the University of Michigan followed by Harvard Medical School.  He then relocated to Los Angeles where he did his residency at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  He also did a pulmonary fellowship before entering private practice.

His personal and professional interests in fitness and medicine, along with his experience with obesity on The Biggest Loser, naturally drew him to diabetes.  Together with his diverse background, he brings a fresh perspective to the treatment of the disease.  He’s not bound by convention for convention sake, but rather lets data be his guide.  He is by nature, a scientist.

Through his association with Vdex in his own office in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Huizenga has helped refine the Vdex treatment protocols.  The result is better care for patients and greater patient compliance with therapy.


Kristen Davis, PA-C

Kristen Davis is a certified Physician Assistant with more than a decade of experience in medicine. Her educational background includes a dual Master of Public Health and Master of Health Sciences/Physician Assistant program at the George Washington University in Washington D.C. She is a member of the AAPA, the national professional society for PAs.

Over a ten-year period as a surgical physician assistant, Kristen recognized an exponential increase in the number of patients diagnosed with diabetes. More importantly, she witnessed the far-reaching and often overlooked effects that diabetes had on an individual undergoing surgery, including delayed recovery periods, increased post-operative infections, and in many cases, postponement or cancellation of critical surgeries as a result of uncontrolled diabetes.

Kristen stepped out of the operating room to find a place where she could contribute to treating and educating people with diabetes after learning that several of her friends and family members had been diagnosed. Upon discovering Vdex, Kristen knew it was a perfect match, encompassing her desire to provide a better understanding of diabetes to patients and to offer a definitively better choice for managing their condition.

Kristen lives in Topanga Canyon with her husband and two young sons where she spends as much time as possible hiking and trail running in the Santa Monica mountains, except in the summer when the rattle snakes force her to run the hilly roads in her neighborhood.


Jeremy Fultz

Jeremy is the Vice President of Business Development for VDEX.  He’s a natural to be a part of a company like Vdex.  He’s from Missouri, the Show-Me State.  For Jeremy, it’s all about results.  No need to bother talking about it.

As a filmmaker, Jeremy conceived of the idea for a documentary about the transformative diabetes treatment, Afrezza.  He began by interviewing people living with diabetes from all over the country. He has seen the disease up close.  He has seen the destructiveness of the disease.  And, he has learned that diabetes can be much better managed with a product like Afrezza and protocols such as Vdex’.  

His deep knowledge of the actual patient experience gave birth to a calling: Jeremy had to be a part of combatting the disease of diabetes.  He does just that every day as he works to expands Vdex’ business both domestically and internationally.

A graduate of the University of Missouri and a veteran of the US Army, Jeremy has both the mind and spirit to take on big challenges.  The Vdex team is immeasurably strengthened with Jeremy onboard…and diabetes better watch out.


Ian Eyre

Ian is the Chief Technology Officer for Vdex.  His expertise is in both technology and branding, two areas in which he has high-level experience as a consultant for a Forbes 100 most valuable brands listed company.

Ian is a gift from the United Kingdom having relocated to the US in 2000.  He was driven to seek out a greater platform through which he could utilize his considerable talents, and that brought him to Los Angeles.  

With his keen insight, Ian quickly saw the deficiencies of traditional diabetes care, and offered invaluable advice and guidance in the earliest days of Vdex.  Specifically, he crafted the messaging of the company so as to match its services.  But his role is greater than that.  He provides sound judgment in areas far beyond his primary focus.  Ian can quickly cut to the heart of a matter, distilling a problem down to its essence, and recommending solutions.

He is classically independent, offering his opinions unconcerned with whether others agree with him or not. Simply put, Vdex is a smarter company with Ian involved.