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A little about VDEX

A VDEX treatment facility is a specialized medical practice that focuses on only one disease area: diabetes. Further, we specialize in one aspect of that disease: blood sugar control. The logic of this approach is simple: blood sugar control is more nuanced, more difficult. Yet, blood sugar control, or the lack thereof, leads to all the complications.

Vdex has one simple aim

To enable people with diabetes to live a normal or nearly normal life.  A disease unlike most other medical conditions, diabetes is a chronic condition with devastating long-term consequences.  It requires hour-by-hour attention to avoid equally devastating short-term consequences.  Patients need regular care and monitoring for life.  Through our "Real Time Diabetes Management" model, our patients have far better control of blood glucose levels and reduced hypoglycemia as compared to the current, best therapies available today.

Our Goal

Our goal is to partner doctors and nurse practitioners across the country to get blood sugar under control in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics.  We have a proven track record of not only getting great control but also maintaining great control for these diabetic patients, allowing them to live as free as they can from diabetes.   We do that with our protocols and use of Afrezza

Benefits For the Doctor

What we do is simple. We take on your diabetic patients and work on blood sugar control, which takes time, quite frankly most physicians do not have in today medical economics.  As far as other aspects you as the doctor would still handle the other complications such as hypertension as an example. 

How we get paid

We do this at no cost to you. We bill as any other medical clinic would through insurance and take on cash patients.